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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We worked on the house!

We are having a little spurt of work going on, just a little one.  We have needed to wrap the outside to keep it from rotting out there.  So this is pictures of that and a little bit of framing.
 Here's Bryan (we still work him like a dog) closing up some old window openings that are going to change.  This is the west side. (above)
 This is the back, or north side.  This shows the new opening for a future double door or window/door combination.  And there's a small window opening in the bathroom that will be in the back corner.
Here is the west side a day or two later with all the new window openings.  The upper is boarded shut from the inside.

 Here is a shot of those windows and the front of the house too, from the inside.  I'm standing upstairs in the "loft".
Beginning to wrap on the west side.

 Yes, I work too. (Bryan wasn't there!)
Another shot from the inside.  Straight forward you can see where the steps going upstairs start.  To the left will be the living area.  I am standing in the would be kitchen.

At this point we have the lower portion of the west side and back wrapped up.  I don't think I took a picture of the back.  We are framing the window openings where they need to be as we go.  And here you can see a new wall famed up dividing the stairs from the rest of the house.  Hopefully soon there will be a wood stove in from of that wall on the main floor.  We plan to put up a rock wall that will act as a type of radiant heat.

This is upstairs where a bedroom/office loft will be.

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